• I am a fellow educator and an amateur web2.0 junkie, and I am trying to help my church update our web presence. In our body, we do not have any members who are web designers itching to construct a website, and while I would love to learn web design, I don’t know CSS and already don’t sleep enough. Unfortunately, I know enough to have particular tastes, and I have therefore begun to explore hiring a designer who could style a website that we could then maintain easily. Knowing your faith and your understanding of the web, I was curious if you would have any recommendations for how I might find a fitting designer.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Geoff: I think the best bet for churches is to go with a content management system. If you are going to set this up yourself, I’d use Drupal, and go with an ISP that supports a straightforward, web-based install like POWWEB, they are my ISP for my blog. Our Edmond church uses a commercial service from Faithconnector, and I our former Lubbock church uses Artistry Marketing. I know Artistry supports role based editing, I think Faithconnector does too, so different people can use a web-based interface to keep their page(s) up to date. Content management systems are the way to go. You can customize with your own logos and images, but they have the skeleton of the site setup, calendars, etc. Good luck!

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