Christian Website Projects

In addition to this “Pocket Share Jesus” blog, Wesley Fryer has created (and still maintains, in several cases) a variety of other websites related to Christian faith, sharing our Christian faith, and Christianity. These include:

  1. Pocket Share Jesus: Be a Digital Witness for Christ: an interactive / multimedia book & media sharing project.
  2. Examples of Christian Digital Storytelling (on the Storychasers website)
  3. Adult Sunday School Class resources (“Finding Jesus in Media” and “Jesus and Science: Curiosity and Questions”)
  4. Stories of Christian Faith: Audio interviews about Christian faith and mission work
  5. BLASTcast: A Christian kids podcast and blog from 1st Presbyterian Church in Edmond, Oklahoma
  6. 3 Minutes About Jesus: digital witnesses for Christ (originally available on, but I let that domain registration lapse)
  7. Spiritual Parenting (a website supporting a midweek class my wife & I co-led a few years ago)
  8. Faith Discussions (a website supporting a past midweek adult discipleship class at our church, and a past book study by our church session)


  1. Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth (a midweek adult discipleship class I taught at our church in 2008. The Moodle course I setup for the class is no longer online, and the audio recordings/iTunes podcast channel seems to also be unavailable.)

I’ve posted a variety of different Christian-related videos to my main “wfryer” YouTube channel over the years as well, tagging them “Christian” for subsequent lookup and hopeful “discoverability” by others online.

I created a personal theology page to highlight my personal beliefs about God, Jesus, faith and religion / spirituality. More links to connect with and follow me are available.