Christian Website Projects

In addition to this “Eyes Right” blog, Wesley Fryer maintains a variety of other websites related to Christian faith, sharing our Christian faith, and Christianity. These include:

  1. Digital Witness for Jesus Christ: an interactive book & media sharing project (includes “Pocket Share Jesus“)
  2. Stories of Christian Faith: Audio interviews about Christian faith and mission work
  3. BLASTcast: A Christian kids podcast and blog from 1st Presbyterian Church in Edmond, Oklahoma
  4. 3 Minutes About Jesus: digital witnesses for Christ (originally available on, but I let that domain registration lapse)
  5. Spiritual Parenting (a website supporting a midweek class my wife & I co-led a few years ago)
  6. Faith Discussions (a website supporting a past midweek adult discipleship class at our church, and a past book study by our church session)


  1. Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth (a midweek adult discipleship class I taught at our church in 2008. The Moodle course I setup for the class is no longer online, and the audio recordings/iTunes podcast channel seems to also be unavailable.)

I’ve posted a variety of different Christian-related videos to my main “wfryer” YouTube channel over the years as well, tagging them “Christian” for subsequent lookup and hopeful “discoverability” by others online.

Forgiveness (Visual Notes) by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Wesley Fryer