I (Wesley Fryer) often share presentations at conferences and professional development events throughout the year. The majority of these focus on classroom technology integration, but sometimes I share presentations about other topics. These are links to resources for some of my past presentations focusing on Christian themes and/or at Christian conferences/events.

Also see resources for “Gospel Encounters,” the adult Sunday School class I’m co-teaching in 2018-19. Resources for the lessons I’m teaching there are linked by date/topic.

  1. 10-26-2018 Sharing My Gospel Encounter with Jesus – Friday Morning Men’s Group, First Presbyterian Church (Edmond, OK)
  2. 05-06-2018 Unleash Your Digital Creativity for Jesus – 2018 Mo-Ranch Men’s Conference (Hunt, TX)
  3. 05-04-2017 Pocket Share Jesus – 2017 Mo-Ranch Men’s Conference (Hunt, TX)
  4. 10-22-2016 Pocket Share Jesus with Bible Verse InfoPics – Casady School Chapel (Oklahoma City, OK)
  5. 04-30-2016 Pocket Share Jesus – 2016 Mo-Ranch Men’s Conference (Hunt, TX)
  6. 11-05-2015 Chapel Talk at Casady School (Okahoma City, OK)
  7. 05-03-2014 Family Oral History and Smartphones – 2014 Mo-Ranch Men’s Conference (Hunt, TX)
  8. 05-05-03-2013 Telling Your Mission Story with iPad Video2013 Mo-Ranch Men’s Conference (Hunt, TX)
  9. 05-05-2012 Be a Digital Witness for Jesus2011 MoRanch Men’s Conference (Hunt, TX)
  10. 09-14-2011 Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing – Presentation for Teachers at Oklahoma Christian School (Edmond, OK)
  11. 09-14-2011 Be a Digital Witness for Jesus – Chapel Message for Students at Oklahoma Christian School (Edmond, OK)
  12. 10-19-2010 Christian Digital Storytelling and Blogging in the Post-Modern WorldHolland Christian Schools (Holland, Michigan)

Please contact me if you are interested in inviting me to present at your conference or event.