Great questions tonight at dinner

These are some of the great questions our two daughters asked tonight at dinner. Shelly and I did our best to answer these. Wow this was challenging!

In Mulan they pray and speak to “the ancestors” instead of God. Why do they pray to “the ancestors” and not God?

Is God the only God? Other people believe in other gods, so are those gods true?

How do we know God is the most powerful God in the world?

If you go up into space, will you get into heaven?

Why is God so confusing? We’ve lived on earth more than 2000 years and don’t know it all yet.

Are you saying we can’t get into heaven without Jesus’ help?

Are there secrets about God?

Did Jesus know he was “going to be the One” when he was a little boy growing up?

Could Jesus come again to earth as a person?

“Why does Jesus be mean to people when he said ‘let me people go’ like pharaoh?”

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