God Led Abraham’s Servant to Rebekah

I was deeply moved by these verses from Genesis this morning. The servant of Abraham not only showed great faith in obeying God and recognizing His provision, but the parents of Rebekah (Laban and Bethuel) did too! How incredibly difficult it would have been to make that decision, which was borne of both faith and courage.

God grant me the wisdom to see and understand your will for my life, and the courage to embrace the path you have laid out for my family and I to follow together.

Genesis 24:48-52 NLT

““Then I bowed low and worshiped the Lord. I praised the Lord, the God of my master, Abraham, because he had led me straight to my master’s niece to be his son’s wife. So tell me—will you or won’t you show unfailing love and faithfulness to my master? Please tell me yes or no, and then I’ll know what to do next.” Then Laban and Bethuel replied, “The Lord has obviously brought you here, so there is nothing we can say. Here is Rebekah; take her and go. Yes, let her be the wife of your master’s son, as the Lord has directed.” When Abraham’s servant heard their answer, he bowed down to the ground and worshiped the Lord.”

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