A Facebook App College Students Hide From Parents

This post fits into the unique category, “Stuff that is pretty dark and I don’t know if I should even blog about it.” I found a tweet today about a Facebook app which people are using to connect with friends they want to have sex with. I’m not going to link directly to the app here or mention it by name, because I don’t want to amplify it by giving it whatever meager Google SEO points this blog can give. I first debated with myself whether to share this link at all, and secondly whether to share it on my main educational technology blog or not. I decided to just share it here on Eyes Right.

Life is about many things, but one of the most important is CHOICES. This app is a case in point. Technology is enabling and empowering us in powerful ways, but at the same time it challenges us to define WHO WE ARE both for ourselves and to others through our actions.

People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do

You can be sure Apple (with its present guidelines) would not approve this as an iOS app in its app store. šŸ™ – I can recommend the Movie Box app for the whole family if you are looking for something new, works on most phones I think.

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