Podcast6: Grapple Digital Curriculum and Technology Integration with 5th Grade Sunday School Students

This podcast is a mid-semester review of the “Grapple” digital curriculum package from Group Publishing which we are using to co-teach 5th grade Sunday School in fall 2007 at my church in Edmond, Oklahoma. In addition to reviewing the elements of Grapple I address different ways I am integrating technology into our weekly Sunday school lessons, and discuss in detail the different elements of the online social networking and discussion board area provided by Group Publishing as part of the Grapple curriculum.


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  • Wesley, I really enjoyed the podcast… it has given me a lot to think about. It’s amazing to me that you can get so much done while driving.

    One question about the Grapple website as a secure social networking space. Does each class have its own forums? Or does everyone using the Grapple curriculum share in the same forums? I suspect it’s just your class – but I couldn’t tell for sure.

    My own use of technology in children’s Sunday School classes (and later Wednesday evenings) started around 1990 with an old Mac+ and Hypercard. It worked well with small classes (younger elementary and

  • about 6 kids). I later used the computer for review exercises and games that reinforced the lesson message. Things got tougher as the classes got larger (both age-wise and number of students).

    My current interests are in constructionist activities. The main projects we’ve done in this vein are:
    1. The kids designed halloween games and artwork that reinforced our main verses of the time (Romans’ Road verses). I scanned and coded these into their games using Authorware. We put them on the computers in the computer lab for our Fall Festival.
    2. Worked with the kids to make a ministry commercial for the food pantry ministry at our Church. They designed the activities and skits and we shot it with video. The goal was for them to learn about various ministries and participate in ministry by helping advertise the ministry. Some info on this is online at http://kentchesnut.wikispaces.com/. The commercial came out pretty good.

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