Notes from Sunday School Teacher Training

These are my notes from our middle and high school Sunday School teacher training on August 28, 2011. These are mostly ideas shared by Brian Lamb.

We brainstormed characteristics of “meaningful mentors”

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Kids born after 1992…
– there has always been an Internet ramp onto tone information highway
– Ferris Bueller could be their parent
– more…

I’m going to assume if your cell phone is out, you are googling something and are about to make an incredibly astute contribution to class

Brian has to teach his students who are not African American who Rosa Parks was

Interesting study on undergrad research among 13 institutions in Oklahoma
– kids can retain / recall 15% from amy one communication / event stimulus Researchers define generations by going through common events together, rites of passage at formative years
– so now with lots of info generations are getting narrower

– searching for great personal fulfillment
– very short attention spans
– lack discretion for filters and boundaries
– busy
– very connected
– prefer to work in teams
– struggle with independent decisions and critical thinking
– ambitious yet a bit clueless GenZ born after 94-95

Generational Characteristics in the Workforce
– matures, baby boomers, Gen X, Gen WhY?

Engagement: what does it mean?
– participation is the crucial ingredient to our success
– these kids need the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage

Every lesson:
– start with what they already know

Kids can’t imagine stuff that hasn’t happened to them yet

Aural: Visual

Biggest mistake made by sincere, well intentioned teachers: they teach the way THEY learn

Kids teach the way they learn

Watch how you present material with concrete examples

Don’t confuse activity with engagement, projects engagement, engagement = participation

Most effective phrases
– what do you think about that
– why do you feel that way
– how would Jesus use this info?
– how might others feel about is

What, how, why?

Psalm 85:10-13

Don’t tell students, “When I was a kid…” instead say “Let me tell you a story…” & it will hook them more

We are using Student Life website as curriculum for middle and high school students

The login for our curriculum page is:

Our site uses:
(this shows more info about specific verses)

Thinking about structure for our Sundays:

Big Together Event Assembly
Small Groups

The content filter we have at our church SAVED us today when someone mistyped a direct URL on the main projector screen

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