Keep Your Eyes on the Action

Rachel took her academic application tests this morning for ClassenSAS, so she was unable to bowl in the Saturday morning youth league she has started participating in this semester. As a result, this evening she is doing her “pre-bowl” (or in this case post-bowl.) It’s $12 for three games. The bummer is I am unable to join her. It’s an official league bowl, so extra participants are not permitted.

I am testing a post-by-email option for WordPress, and I need to activate this on our family learning blog as well.

My connection to tonight’s bowling and “Eyes Right” is this: Just as we need to keep our eyes on Jesus each day, going bowling with your daughter is all about watching every frame with her. At any time, she could get strike or a spare, and she wants to share those moments with me. It is also important to see frames where she is not as successful, including the occasional gutter ball. Every frame, she is looking back to see if I have watched her and what she did.

I think our own kids, and our spouses, are probably constantly looking at us in the same way even when we are not bowling. Did you see me? Are you watching what I’m doing? Are you experiencing this moment with me?

It is a lot easier for me to use Siri on my iPhone to dictate this post than type it on my laptop or iPad. Bowling time like this is not about having your eyes completely on a screen. It’s about keeping my “eyes right” on Rachel & her bowling lane!


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