Family Meals

Growing up my family always ate meals together. Meals weren’t fancy, but they tasted great. Conversation wasn’t stimulating, but everyone shared their day and we discussed whatever might be an issue at the time. We were never allowed to have a T.V. on during the meal, but frequently we tried to finish before our favorite prime time show came on. I remember always having a feeling of security and love, although it wasn’t frequently expressed. I’m sure as we grew up, particularly during the teen years, we missed a few meals together. But, there were more together than not.

My question is…….. Do families still eat together? I listen to my friends busy schedules of after school events, piano, dance, girl scouts, soccer, baseball, church. These are but a few. They start running, with siblings in tow, from one activity to another. Each child with his/or her own schedule of activities. Many last until dark or later. What happened to Mother in the kitchen, preparing a meal? What happened to children learning to set a table correctly? When did families begin eating on the go?

As for me and my house, eating together is a priority. We begin with prayer, and enjoy passing the plate. Time is spent visiting about games played at recess and how you did on today’s spelling test. Even our 3 year old enjoys sharing the words she’s learned on Dora, or singing a new song from a favorite CD. I miss the nights we don’t sit down together and share a meal. I hope that other families will make time to come together and share one anothers lives.

God Bless

A New Role

I am not a professional blogger, but I am married to one! This is my first, forced if truth be known, blog entry. My husband, three kids, and two dogs and I have recently moved to a great new city. My husband has a great job, and I just found out that I will have a new job begining next Tuesday. After staying home for the past eight years, I am going back to a full time job. The best thing is that it will allow me to continue my “real” full time job as a wife and mother. I’ve been very happy as a stay-home mom. I’ve actually enjoyed keeping my house clean, participating in play groups, and being an active member of the PTA.

I never would have imagined that I could work full time and still be able to pick my kids up after school and put them to bed each night. I think its great that businesses are allowing Moms to work flexible hours, get the job done, and still be there for their families. I am looking forward to getting out, meeting new people, and making a difference in the lives of others.