Ray Vander Laan on Jesus and Biblical History in the Holy Land

This summer at our church for adult Sunday School, we are watching DVD segments from the fantastic faith lesson video series, “That The World May Know.” These are narrated by Ray Vander Laan. His website for this series is:


We used a DVD series last summer too, but I found it very frustrating because no discussion time was provided. This year one of our pastors each week IS facilitating a time of discussion following each segment, and it has been wonderful! I am taking notes each week on my iPad using Evernote, and sharing them via the following website:


I am not taking time to edit these thoroughly so please forgive typos. This is a great video series and opportunity to learn more about Christianity from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

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Podcast8: Exploring the Biblical World via Google Earth: All Sessions Available as Podcasts

UPDATE 26 Dec 2014: This podcast is apparently no longer listed in iTunes, and the referenced Moodle server/site is offline. I updated, however, the direct MP3/audio links below to these recorded podcasts from 2008. I also updated the podcast feed.

I played podcast catch-up this evening and published the last two sessions of the five course adult class I taught this fall at our church titled, “Exploring the Biblical World via Google Earth.” These five episodes are available in a podcast feed and directly in the iTunes Store (for free, of course!)

Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth

I have also updated the Moodle course for this class with embedded flash-player links to each session recording.

Session1: Ur / Iraq

Session2: Egypt / Sinai

Session3: Judea / Israel / Palestine

Session4: Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Session5: Turkey / Anatolia

Exploring the Biblical World Through GE in iTunes!

This is exciting. I’ve been listed previously and am still listed as the author of several podcasts included in the iTunes podcast directory, but it’s great to see my fall course “Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth” is now also listed. A current, simple keyword search for “google earth” in iTunes yields just eight results in the “podcasts” category:”

iTunes Google Earth Podcasts

Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth

The new era of Internet broadcasting has dawned. How amazing I didn’t need to purchase a radio antenna or even purchase airtime on one to realize the dream of global content and and idea distribution. Do we realize the amazing implications of this?!

The Tower
Creative Commons License photo credit: Billy V

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Bible Map: Connect the Bible with Google Maps

Thanks to James Deaton‘s recommendation I shared the beta website Bible Map this evening in my five week course “Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth.”

BibleMap.org - connect the Bible to Google Maps

This mashup site allows users to select a book of the Bible and the chapter, and then view in Google Maps (not Google Earth) the geographic references mentioned in that passage.

BibleMap.org is a great resource for readily identifying and finding more information about locations mentioned throughout the Bible.

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Podcast of Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth Classes

I have added audio recordings of my “Exploring the Biblical World Through Google Earth” classes as a podcast to our class Moodle website. So far we’ve had two classes, we’ll have three more in this particular Wednesday night series. The five weeks immediately following this class I’ll offer “Lifelong Learning via iTunes University,” which also has a Moodle course component hosted on the same server.

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UPDATE: I’ve added embedded Flash player links to the Moodle page for our class podcast. (For info on how I did this, see my post “Embedding mp3 audio files with a free flash player in Moodle, a wiki or a blog.”)

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